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A taste of invasion

A humble instant noodle brand that has become a national treasure and the top selling noodle brand in the world, Indomie needed to be more relevant to a new generation of consumers.

Indomie’s authentic Indonesian taste was not considered exciting enough for young Indonesians craving for a culinary adventures. Especially since there are increasingly more exotic yet affordable alternatives for them to choose from. Korean Spicy Chicken or Japanese Ramen just to name a few.

Indomie needs to assert its leadership position and fend off these threats in a confident way.

The Real Thing

Despite the growing interest for foreign flavours, for Indonesians nothing beats the spiciness of an authentic Indonesian dish. This is something that all Indonesians are proud of and what we feel other culinary cultures are lacking.

So we took two of the spiciest Indomie variants, Ayam Geprek and Mie Goreng Aceh, and reframe them to deliver an authentic Indonesian spiciness that no other dish can deliver.

The creative presents a celebration of Indonesia spice heritage that is captured in a bag of Indomie.