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A transformative work

By.U is Indonesia’s first digital telco, launched by the biggest telecom provider and digital company, Telkomsel. 

A product of Telkomsel’s transformation, By.U is designed to answer the younger generation’s pain points towards legacy telecom providers - having to pay for quotas they don’t use, a one-size-fits-all packages, rewards, and promotions, and the inconvenience of issue resolutions through a physical outlet. 

Semuanya, Semaunya (Connect your way)

After a series of workshop and consumer research, we arrived at a proposition for By.U.

By.U is to be the antidote antidote to the false promises that’s rampant in the industry. With by.U, what you see is what you get. No more hidden fees. No more unusable quota. All with just one tap, all is within your control.

Finally, a provider that lets you have it your way. by.U connects you to the people and things you love, under your own term and preferences. 

Bringing the brand to life

In designing the brand identity, we have just one goal, we want Indonesian youth so say “it’s a brand I want to wear”.

True to the youthful nature of the brand, we want By.U to be vibrant and expressive, modern and relatable. Featuring real people with real moments rather than poses.

The primary design element is the U-brush, expressive brush strokes created to give a sense of individuality & freedom.

By.U should speak as a friend, not as telco, keeping it real and honest.

Launch strategy and creative

In launching By.U, we needed a strong call to action to convert from competitors. Part of this effort is to make people re-appraise their current choice of provider, and this had to be done effectively and efficiently.

The people we are seeking to convert are smartphone users who already have an existing “relationship” with a telco provider and it is a painful relationship.

A one-sided, always on the provider’s terms kind of relationship. Like a bad boyfriend it’s all about him, him, him. Always his way, never my way. He’s complicated and so needy. He’s full of nonsense.