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The Trials and Triumphs of Expertly Moms

Deep dive into the psyche of mothers who aspire to raise smart and future ready children

Looking into the evolution of parenting through the years

The role of parenting is in Indonesia is traditionally perceived to be quite distinct. Fathers are expected to provide for the family while mothers stay at home to play a bigger role in the upbringing of the children.

However, influence of western culture, shift in perception, changes in environment, media and technology have driven Indonesian mothers today to adopt new ways of raising their children.

Redefining motherhood and what it means to become a mom

The notion of ‘becoming’, defined as the need for personal development, greater independence, and self-expression is a growing trait amongst people today. Women, and therefore mothers are no exception to the rule.

At heart, the underlying shift in today’s modern mamas comes with the notion that more women are finding it important to be seen as makers of their own decisions. 

Changing household dynamics and rise of drone parenting

These mothers finds it important to show her true self, in and out of the home. This mindset influences the relationship she has with the children, shifting her parenting approach from balancing to integrating.

Gone are the helicopters, giving room for the rise of drone parenting: an approach where the parents still hover but they are more following and responding to their kids rather than directing and scheduling them. 

Mompreneurs and the mom economy

Working mom, stay at home mom, and now 'mompreneur'. The catchphrase itself represents a much bigger subset, of parents who are working from home. Traditionally, the term is used to illustrate mothers who run businesses straight out of their own houses: for example shop sellers, warteg owners or dressmakers.

Today, the term encompasses mothers who run their businesses through social media. And while it may seem easy to consider their businesses as a ‘side hustle’, these women are actually contributing to a big piece of the Indonesian economy.

Shaped by technology

Today’s mom uses social media to navigate motherhood. Be it to share updates of their parenting journey, seeking second hand advice, spreading positivity to trading expertise with one another. Social media also becomes a tool for busy mothers to seek on-demand me time.

But technology may also be a double edge sword: as much as it is helpful, most moms are also overwhelmed by the amount of information that are available. Adopting a peer-to-peer tone is best when it comes to making these mothers feel comfortable and respected.

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